I grew up in Lucca, in my family’s company: a sales company where I began “working” as a child, playing in the offices and warehouses.
At the beginning of my true professional activity, I was used to covering many roles, often very different one from the other, always making use of my versatility, my organisational abilities, my tenacity and above all my creativity.

This latter quality of mine that, during my adolescent years was set aside in favour of managerial studies, allowed me to reach the helm of the company at 30 years of age.

At 36, fully involved in my career, I suddenly decided to change and give up everything I had painstakingly built, to dedicate myself to my daughter’s first months of life and my mother’s last months of life.
In addition to putting me to a hard test, these experiences gave me the chance to experiment the pleasure of putting my time and my resources at the disposal of someone who could benefit from them.

So I built a family and a consulting company together with my husband: the best partner I could ever have.

My direct knowledge of how difficult it is to try and do everything, to do it well and with the required calm and promptness, having Professional Multi-Tasking abilities, have made me a source of interest in the eyes of friends and colleagues.

I have often lent them a hand and I have discovered that helping people simplify their lives was my great passion, so this is how this professional initiative was born: POP UP CONCIERGE.